I never sought out to be a motivational speaker, I was just a normal girl with a story to tell.  When I first started speaking I spent countless hours googling strategies on how to get engagements and I wasted a lot of money taking classes that only taught me theories and fluff.  Once I finally created a system that worked I generated $20K in 6 months speaking part time.   I have also been featured in Ebony Magazine, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Women For One Global, The Creflo Dollar Show and many more.




– I have NEVER had a PR agency..


– I have NEVER used a booking agency…


– I got MYSELF in Ebony Magazine…


– I got MYSELF on The Tom Joyner Morning Show…


– I got MYSELF on countless television shows, radio interviews and online magazines…


Whether you have overcome obstacles in your life, you are a cosmetologist, a sales person, a business owner, etc., public speaking is a fantastic way to:


-showcase your expertise

-reach a larger audience at one time

-generate income

-travel the world 


NP University was created to help others launch their speaking careers in the least time consuming and efficient way possible.  


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