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  • Hi Nikki, my name is Starlet and I was just actually on the call with conference testimony call today. I shared a bit of my story that my nephew killed my mother, sister and his 7yr old daughter my niece on Feb. 15, 2013. I just want to stay that I am so happy I joined the call. Just so happen work as been slow for me this week so I was at home today on IG and noticed the posting and said why not, I was feeling down this morning because my sister called and she was feeling depressed and I got dragged in. A lot of the way you felt after your tragedy is the same why I feel every single day and I just want to get to where you are now. I love God but I have been hating him since that day and its been bringing me down and I dont want to be this way anymore. I know my mom wouldn’t want this for me. So I just want to thank you and I believe that was one of your pastors that prayed for me. (Tryna keep it short cause I’m a talker) Thank you!!!!!

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