2017 is upon us and it is “Time Out” for continuing  fake relationships that no longer serve you.  Maintaining day to day is already hard and gets especially difficult when you are bringing in baggage from previous years.  So to help you have a fresh start and take off running in 2017, here is a list of fake relationships that you need to kick to the curb.

  1. Fake Friendships- Friends are the people that are suppose to have your back… even behind your back.   They are the people who’s loyalty should never have to be questioned.  If there are any friendships that you have that you have to second guess about… Let It Go.

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2. Fake Romantic Relationships- Not sure if you are in a fake relationship?  Are you experiencing any of these signs?

  • Their actions do not match their words
  • They have never publicly announced that they are in a relationship with you
  • They only want to see you late at night
  • You never go out on actual dates
  • They can’t remain faithful

If you are experiencing these signs then there is a high probability that your romantic relationship is fake.  If so… Let It Go.  Leave it in 2016.  Period.


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3.  Fake Business Relationships-  Networking and partnering with someone is totally different than just socializing with them.  If you have a business relationship but no business is ever taking place and the other person just wants a reason to meet up, party or gossip then you should move that person into another category because that business relationship is fake. 


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4.  Fake Expectations Of Past Relationships- They are an “Ex” for a reason so stop holding on to old messages, emails, pictures in your phone and illusions that one day they will realize that you are truly “The One” for them and come back around.  8 times out of 10 they are not and if they did… would you really want them back anyway?  Stop stalking their social media pages and/or staying in touch with their family and friends to try to keep tabs on them.  2017 is all about getting the love you deserve.


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5.  Fake Memberships/ Subscriptions and Financial Relationships-  Are you paying for services that you do not use?  Gym memberships?  Netflix? Do you pay bank fees for accounts that you rarely use, app subscriptions or membership sites?   If you are not using these services but holding on to them then… Let Them Go.


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I hope that you will use these tips that I have provided to help you totally dominate 2016.


Much Success To You,


Nikki P

5 Fake Relationships That You Should Leave in 2016

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